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Day and Date Requested - Please check the CALENDAR to see available lessons times and dates.

Second Date (if in a 2 day course) or Second Choice if first date not available

If you wish indicate other dates that would work/other requests/ or preferences 
(If taking the complete 6 hr course please let us know if you are taking it all in one day or over 2 days)

Any health issues we should know about?

Emergency info: Contact Name/Relation/Phone any other?

How do you feel about adventure sports?

Any history with related wind sports?  

Any history with related board sports?

Other history with other adventure sports? 

If you already have Kitesurfing Gear please list Year Make Model Size? Bring it and we can check it out for you, we may use it if it is appropriate.

Detail any prior kiteboarding or lesson experience and current ability level? Those with prior experience should take course from beg or private lessons.

What is your reason for taking the course?  You can add details/comment below.

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After you submit your info, SELECT YOUR LESSON and PAY BELOW!
If you can't decide, which lesson is best, review detailed lesson descriptions on lesson page, or just ask us for help!

Equipment Rentals are for those who can ride and stay upwind. Full day starts at noon/ half day starts at 3. 
Supervised equipment rental is for those who can body drag upwind and can manage the kite safely on land and water.

Lessons are for everyone- no experience required. Select below and click to pay and hold your reservation. 
 The 6-hr Complete Course is our most popular.
 Bring-a-Friend Deals are the best value.
  If you already have lesson experience from the past take a refresher private.
 If you are unsure, try the 3 hr Beginning or 90 min Discovery course. 

We will confirm your payment and look forward to seeing you at the beach! 

"We Build Kitesurfers!"
    It's your time to catch the cool vibe of the wind as a Southern California Kitesurfer!

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