Complete Course includes photo/video, SoCal cap, shirt or mug, Kiteboarder Magazine & IKO   Lifetime Certification Card!
Start with smaller kites.
Then master the big kites.
Now add board and ride!
Learn tricks and jumps!
Take your kiting higher!

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 Gear & Wetsuit Rental Included - Instructor tips not included
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Anyone can do this. It's Fun! Try it.  every Sat,Sun 11:30-1:00  Typically 1-4 students per instructor, always space available. This is the taster course to this magical sport in bare feet on the beach. Lesson on the beach with small safe kites progressing to larger kites as you are ready.  Ages 9-99. No special strength or skill required, no wetsuit needed. You will be surprised how fun this course is. You will learn how to control the smaller kite, and get a taste of the larger kites as your skills develop.  You can't tell just by watching, but flying the kite is really challenging. It is definitely fun!  You will know after this fun course if you would like to continue instruction to become a Kitesurfer. Leave time in case you decide to extend to 3 hr course on the same day.   

Master the kitesurfing kite! Daily 11:30-2:30     1-2 students Max.                
This course will prepare you for the intermediate course. Lesson is mostly on the beach with the big kites. This is challenging fun. The instructor will break this down into small steps in the appropriate order to safely make controlling the kite possible for most anyone.   With the kite under control you will be ready to safely progress to the water with your instructor right next to you. No special athletic ability or strength is needed. This will be a great experience to feel and control the power of the larger kites, and with your instructor's help the kite can pull you like a dolphin in the water!  Your instructor can take some photos or videos on this once in a lifetime experience.   We can usually accomodate your dates.                                                                 

Combine the Kite & and Board to Ride! Daily 2-5pm  1-2 Students Max.
Learn how to get up and ride the kiteboard on windpower! Now you are kiteboarding!  This course is for those who can control the kite well but need to get on the board to ride. Our hands-on approach is fast, safe, and most successful.  This lesson is all about having your instructor with you during the water lesson. Learn how to deal with all possible scenarios while you instructor is with you.  After this course we can give you supervised kite rental, additional lessons, or help you find your own kite and practice at our spot. As a graduate of SoCal Kitesurfing you will be welcome to set up in our spot and get some ongoing support from our school and introduction to our kite clubs, trips, gear deals, and kite community. 
                                                                                                                                            Daily 11:30-5:30
If you know you want to get into the sport then commit to our complete course to Ride! This is the Beginning and Intermediate Waterstart Courses combined, which can be taken together all in one day or in two 3-hour sessions on separate dates as you prefer. 30 min lunchbreak.  A great idea for yourself or for a friend as a gift certificate!  

11:30-6 with 30 min break. Weekdays only- no holidays!       
If you can come together on a weekday then this is an amazing deal!  Don't wait these fill up fast. You can add more friends or family if you wish at the same rate. Can be done all in one day or in two 3-hour sessions as you prefer. Sorry no free swag at this super low price, and you cannot combine this deal with other offers. This is an amazing price so bring a group, save a bundle, and have fun!             

By appointment. Private lessons are customized to what you need and want to learn!  If you want to request a specific instructor,extra care, or really prefer the exclusivity and attention of private instruction, or if you are up and riding but want more, this is the best way to get exactly what you want. One on One for Fast Learning: Waterstart - Upwind - Jumping - Transitions - Surfboard - Safety and Confidence. Whatever you want and need.... come learn it!  Come 2-5 suggested time.

The 'Rust Remover" will get you back on track after a long break from kiting, get you familiar with new gear, our area, or deal with one specific issue such and self launch/land.  

Gear Rental is for those who can ride and stay upwind.   
Supervised Rentals include an instructor to assist you.  

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"We Build Kitesurfers!"
    It's your time to catch the cool vibe of the wind as a Southern California Kitesurfer!

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When booking your preferred lesson dates & time we will confirm by email.
Don't trust the wind predictions.If weather appears to be in doubt we will call you before lesson, otherwise its a go! 
​If lesson is stopped due to weather or other unexpected cause you may have either a credit or pro-rated refund for uncompleted hours.
If you cannot reschedule any unused lesson time may be refunded. 
If you have an appointment time, a full refund can be given if you need to cancel and give 24 hours notice, 50% on short notice, no refund on no-shows. 
Group deals can upgrade only as indicated in pricing, they cannot use credit toward another group deal such as bring a friend.
3 hr semiprivate lesson segment may be converted to a 2 hr private lesson if there is one student.
Confirm with your instructor any lesson hours due at end of lesson. 
IKO cards can be issued on your last lesson or otherwise mailed to you.
Minors- if coming without a parent, sign liability waiver in advance. 

  -Happy Kiting!
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